cobalt 60

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a radioactive isotope of cobalt with mass number 60

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Derivation of a mathematical expression for the percent depth dose surface of cobalt 60 beams and visualization of multiple field dose distributions.
already uses approximately half of the world's supply of cobalt 60 for various types of irradiation, "and the process can be expensive.
The 200R cobalt 60 used in hospitals do not match either 20R or 1,000R found here," said Munish Gairola, radiation oncologist and director of Shanti Mukund cancer centre.
Cobalt 60 is used for medical or industrial purposes, but cobalt 58 has no such uses and is short-lived.
It maintains its usefulness during exposure to cobalt 60 radiation at dosages of 200 Mrads, withstands cryogenic to 300[degrees]F temperatures, and meets the fire requirements of UL-94 V-0 vertical flame tests.
Irradiation, which involves directing gamma rays produced by the radioactive material, cobalt 60, or electricity at meat to kill harmful bacteria.
It's important to note that Cobalt 60 does not give off particulate radiation (neutrons), which means it cannot make anything around it radioactive.
Its dual-conveyor configuration and unique flow path maximize source utilization, the source being MDS Nordion-supplied C-188 cobalt 60.
The troops found a broken radiotherapy machine containing enough cobalt 60 to kill a man instantly.
The Asahi Kasei plant, which produces nylon fibers for tires, stockings and other products, has 11 liquid-level gauges that contain cobalt 60, a radioactive substance.
A short conveyor ride carries the totes across the plant ceiling to a protected irradiation cell housing racks containing cobalt 60.
The ACRO tests revealed particles with high levels of activity due to radio elements such as Cobalt 60 and Ruthenium 106 or alternatively Americium 215, which are extremely radio-toxic.
The exposure to cobalt 60 for up to an hour kills bacteria, insects, and molds.
The technique is only authorised for the purpose of reducing or eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms and treatment is limited to the radionuclide Cobalt 60.
a concern that irradiates food and medical supplies, insists that using nuclear power industry wastes such as Cobalt 60 or Cesium 137 to preserve foods is perfectly safe.