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In these circumstances, it is possible that the NO might diminish the enzyme cofactor abilities of cobalamins and produce a functional vitamin [B.
This hybrid method allows scientists to quickly detect and measure levels of specific individual cobalamins in food and supplement samples.
The newer technique for quantifying cobalamins uses one of two separation methods.
12] (cobalamin) deficiency is important because cobalamin is required for biosynthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein.
3] Cobalamin deficiency can have protean morbid effects on health.
If genetic factors were the only regulators of the HC concentration, the physician could decide that the low concentration of cobalamins reflected an inherited low HC.
5) 28 MMA, [micro]mol/L 240 (71-563) 38 Cobalamins, pmol/L 188 (81-770) 46 Total TC, pmol/L 1002 (544-1584) 22 HoloTC, pmol/L 53 (24-180) 55 TC saturation, fraction 0.
HoIoTC calibrators (Axis-Shield) were prepared gravimetrically from a stock solution of recombinant holoTC saturated with cobalamins.
12] saturated transcobalamin (holo-TC)(4) or total cobalamin after oral ingestion of vitamin [B.
No detectable leakage of cobalamins from the beads was observed as judged from measurement of cobalamins in the supernatant of 250 [micro]L of stock solution of the washed beads redisolved in 250 [micro]L of buffer (<33 pmol/L cobalamin).
Blood was collected into tubes without anticoagulants for measurement of P-MMA and plasma creatinine, into heparin fluoride-containing tubes for measurement of P-tHcy, and into EDTA-containing tubes for measurement of plasma cobalamins, blood hemoglobin, erythrocyte mean cell volume, erythrocyte folate, platelet count, and white cell count.
Thus, measurement of plasma cobalamins is at the same time a measure for the sum of haptocorrin and transcobalamin saturated with cobalamin.
Methionine synthase catalyzes the transfer of the methyl group of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate to homocysteine via a methylcobalamin intermediate with cycling of cobalamin between the +1 valency state cobalamin and the +3 valency state cobalamin [1,2].