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Synonyms for cob

nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus

stocky short-legged harness horse

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white gull having a black back and wings

adult male swan

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New cob laid on top would press into these spaces, interlocking like a jigsaw puzzle.
Real-world use of the solution among health plans shows COB Smart to be highly successful in helping process claims accurately the first time by discovering unknown instances of overlapping insurance coverage.
We were ready for the first layers of cob that May.
Further, it is expected to exhibit the fastest growth from 2014 to 2020, owing to government initiatives favoring COB LED adoption and large number of market participants.
Lextar's COB "Nimbus" series, ranging from 4 watt to 75 watt, can be widely applied to various lighting applications including bulbs, spot lights, downlights, and bay lights.
In related studies, Wienhold examined how the removal of cob residues affected soil nutrient levels.
Almost 100 Thorneyside Welsh Cobs were displayed at St Leonard's Farm in an event that preceded a reduction sale of 52 Section Ds in Builth on October 20.
If the cob is ready, a creamy liquid will squirt out.
If you're growing sweetcorn for the first time, you may be wondering about the best time to harvest the cobs while they're at their plumpest and juiciest and before they begin to go over.
The Cob played a part in last year's Transporter Bridge Centenary celebrations.
We've joined forces with Firkins Bakery to offer every reader a delicious Cheese & Onion, or Cheese & Tomato, crusty cob completely FREE - a saving of pounds 1.
When he's not in the show ring, Earl Grey is a working cob, leading out racehorses every morning on Newmarket heath as trainer's hack for Diana.
It was maintained on wheat bran/corn cob, yeast extract, peptone, agar slants (4% w/v : l% w/v : 1% w/v : 3%w/v) at 4 [degrees]C.
The corn is cut off the cob with proprietary equipment, triple-washed, rinsed in a water bath with ascorbic and citric acid, and packaged in a microwavable film.
COB Industries says testing was successfully completed recently on a series of custom-engineered hydraulic plugs--ranging in size from 4-40 inches--that are a part of a $3 billion refurbishment of a semi-submersible oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico 150 miles southeast of New Orleans.