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having a common axis

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A stream of dielectric fluid is directed, usually coaxially with the wire, to flood the gap between the wire and workpiece.
The whole assembly was coaxially fixed to the dynamometer KISTLER 9272, fully controlled with a computer.
Shielding gas was introduced coaxially with the vertical laser beam and plasma control gas at a 45[degrees] angle to the laser beam, directed to the beam-wire interaction point.
Our active electrode monitoring continuously monitors and drains excess capacitively coupled current from our coaxially shielded laparoscopic instruments during surgery.
After the vehicle targets are engaged, silhouettes of troops are fired upon from a PKT machinegun mounted coaxially inside the turret.
2) The term "machine gun" refers to coaxially mounted 7.
To cover a broad range of applications, the current MRT program consists of two reactors; the Microfluidics Mixer Reactor (MMR) for very fast reactions, and a coaxial feed reactor (Co-Reactor) that introduces the multiple reactant streams coaxially and allows the predetermined residence time for slower reactions.
The drums are positioned coaxially with the input and output shafts.
In such case, all interior points of X coaxially overlap on Y within a distance r (positive offsetting) and vice versa.
2 mm diameter is mounted coaxially to the extruder die to provide a uniform gap in the treatment zone.
Main weapon: Flamethrower, tube-mounted coaxially to a standard tank gun
The M2A3 crews are very enthusiastic about getting a machine gun coaxially mounted to the CIV, again providing suppression on a target while the gunner engages elsewhere or the turret is slewing to engage with the main gun.
It greatly speeds up the process by which two types of fibers--or two strands of the same type of fiber, of the same or different quality--can be coaxially blended into a continuous yarn strand.
The stretchable region is formed by a plurality of pleats which undulate from a peripheral edge toward a central zone of the stretchable region and which are in the form of regression lines that are coaxially arranged.
A K-type thermocouple within a metal tube was mounted coaxially within the quartz tube with its tip at the center of the cavity.