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having a common axis

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While, in the coaxial technique, a guiding needle and trocar are inserted into the kidney, and multiple biopsies are obtained through a single pathway, by means of a biopsy gun [6].
In terms of applications, the video distribution segment is expected to remain the fastest growing segment for the North America coaxial cables market.
The coaxial cavity is composed of three metals applied in the project, where an integrated-metal structure can only be achieved through the corresponding connections, as shown in Figure 1(b).
Coaxial transitions are primarily determined by their inner and outer diameter ratios.
MSOs want to expand services, including high-speed Internet and Video, to businesses today using coaxial cable as the final connection to the building," said Doug Wells, vice president, Outside Plant Solutions, Broadband, CommScope.
1 shows the arrangement for measuring the one-way speed of light, either in vacuum, a dielectric, or RF coaxial cable.
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (TOKYO:5802) (ISIN:JP3407400005), a provider of optical fibre, cable and components, advanced electronic devices and automotive parts, has reported that it has developed a new coaxial laser diode module with the ability to support high frequency bandwidth applications.
1 Coaxial cables can run outside and in through a hole in the wall.
CopperGate's CopperStream products can carry 128 megabits per second of data over both coaxial cables and phone lines with up to 90% user data throughput.
3 K of our dc sample probes) because semi-rigid coaxial cables have more thermal conduction.
Coaxial antennas with properties similar to those of a two-wire dipole antenna are presented and analyzed.
When such a coaxial jet breaks up, it produces exceptionally tiny, coated droplets.
Since its founding, TMS has been an engineering-oriented organization specializing in the design and manufacture of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies and components for electronic equipment.
There are also three basic kinds of Ethernet cabling: coaxial, which has thick and thin varieties (thick coaxial can connect devices at a distance of no more than 1,640 ft.