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the loose back flap of a coat that hangs below the waist

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The third reason for the strength of the perverse lightning rod effect is that in the mid-twentieth century, some states moved their governors' races to off-years in part to minimize the President's coattail effect and thus the effects of the presidential election cycle on state politics.
Furthermore, I would really like to see JNPR rally of its own accord, and not on the coattails of CSCO.
Hawkins' Coattail Riders, appearing tonight at the Viper Room in West Hollywood and Saturday at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, also includes bassist Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction, Alanis Morissette) and guitarist and longtime friend Gannin (just Gannin).
The CSA Independent Committee considered the coattail provisions in detail as part of its deliberations, together with its legal and financial advisors.
The revised offer terms give effect to the coattail provisions in an agreement (the "Coattail Agreement") between MCII, MCIL and certain other companies which went into effect in April, 1993 in connection with the "spin-off' transaction which resulted in MCIL becoming a public company.
The definitive agreement will include conditions such as MCII shareholder approval, satisfactory tax effect for both parties and the termination or amendment of the corporate governance agreement and coattail agreement affecting Motor Coach Industries Limited (MCIL).
Copies of the valuations and the coattail agreement will be available from the company at its address as indicated above, and will be sent to any shareholder of the company upon request and payment of a nominal fee to cover printing and postage.
Buttons that light up and play music, bumper stickers, license plates, posters, medals and ribbons are only a few of the items created every four years to boost presidential hopefuls, their running mates and coattail candidates in state and local elections.
The rights of IPL shareholders under the Coattail Agreement between IPL, GW Utilities Ltd.
CHRIS SHIFLETT & The Dead Peasants (RCA) HIS day job bandmates are off doing their own thing, Dave Grohl with Them Crooked Vultures, and Taylor Hawkins with his Coattail Riders.
The Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins will parade his Coattail Riders project and there will be solo sets from new Thin Lizzy vocalist and ex-Almighty front-man Ricky Warwick, Wildhearts genius Ginger and Tyketto's Danny Vaughn.
In February, he rode Lam's coattails to a triumph of his own, wringing a guilty plea from Cunningham co-conspirator Mitchell Wade, and could soon indict Brent Wilkes, another of Duke's cronies, say insiders.
Problem is, Bernhard was brought in under Pischetsrieder and we all know what happens when you ride the coattails of someone who loses his coat.
The Easter Road outfit strolled to an easy 3-1 win over Dundee United to keep on Rangers' coattails in the race for Europe.
We grab coattails, donkey tails, or anything else we can get a hand on.