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a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily


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IBEX's work for the Rubin includes the construction of new seminar and art workshop rooms, restrooms, pantries, a coatroom, mechanical room and an administrative office.
The next day, she came into work and went into the coatroom to change.
There are several adjoining areas, including a kitchen, small hallway, utility room and coatroom.
Other analogies found in this text are to cats, emperors, soldiers, the activities of revolutionary parties as they attempt to overthrow established governments, the journeys of Columbus, the work of a postman, the military expeditions of Hannibal, and people crowding themselves by a theater coatroom.
Off the hall is the original coatroom with hooks - and open fireplace, to air out the cloaks in bad weather.
It is a stunning statistic that Everton haven't finished above their nearest rivals in successive seasons since Cilla was a Cavern coatroom attendant - and Liverpool were back in the Second Division then.
An atom bomb could explode in that coatroom and we three girls would not budge from our huddle.
It has a large sanctuary, with seating for 465 persons, a coatroom and transition and gathering area on the first floor.
She would go into the coatroom and whisper some prayer or other, which made those of us who were her friends slightly embarrassed--for her or for us, I was never sure.
Vice President John Adams and Senator Oliver Ellsworth (later Chief Justice of the United States) addressed the question during one sidebar in a congressional coatroom.