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a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats

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Takeoff and landing data are calculated using environmental conditions pushed to the jet from the weather server on the wireless LAN, and center-of-gravity conditions are calculated by the coatrack and wireless radio cards on individual pallet bombs.
In another, a coatrack looks as if it's being viewed from several different perspectives at once.
Aside from the Inspector and the Sergeant, the latter respectfully silent beside a monumental coatrack that filled half the hall, a wan lass of thirty-five stood in the dimly lit hall.
ON THE BASTARD BOUPALOUS (1) Be a coatrack for me, dear, while I clock Boupalous on his snot-filled nose.
The Barbie occasional group will include a stepstool, a coatrack, and a table and chair set.
This hat- and coatrack takes its "cue," if you'll pardon the pun, from the games of pool and billiards.
keffiyeh, once a sign of radical solidarity, hangs neatly ironed and artfully knotted on a novelty coatrack that imitates dripping paint: Politics has been reduced to a color-coordinated arty accessory to be donned or tossed off to suit the mood.
In the spotlight are translucent boxes and bins, a book cart, a shoe organizer (good for those little items) and buckets hanging on a coatrack.
When the raid comes, however, with all the chilling suddenness of a fire alarm in the stillness of the night, the Germans find no weapons, no incriminating evidence whatsoever--nothing except a lone British bullet in the pocket of a jacket hanging from the hallway coatrack.
This child-size coatrack is the wintertime catchall for the wet boots, parkas, backpacks, gloves, and hats that come dripping in the back door of this house in Bountiful, Utah.
A coatrack bearing the weight of two massive lit chandeliers--silent witnesses to the Paris peace talks, circa 1973--divided the gallery in two.
The reference is immediate--Charles and Ray Eames's famous 1953 "Hang It All" coatrack, a modernist icon whose metallic armature bears colored balls at its tips.
The sculpture also became a sort of coatrack for piles of swords, spears, crosses, and banners that Meese, a gleeful raider of the Staatsoper prop storage, variously seized, wielded, and discarded.
The move was not entirely unprecedented; Marcel Duchamp nailed a coatrack to the floor in 1917.
In the world of Walter Pfeiffer, the wind kicks up and a sea of tall silken grass wavers beneath an ominous sky, and a monkey suit hangs on a coatrack by the front door.