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omnivorous mammal of Central America and South America

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and but with their door your as 20 as jordan's zoo 3 alpaca 1 coatimundi 1 raccoon 1 Hedgehog 10 ferrets 20 snakes 10 lizards 4 rabbits, 3 frogs 2 tarantula 2 millipedes 3 dogs 1 cat 4 terrapins 6 fish
The coatimundi is listed by TPWD as in the endangered category primarily because of its sporadic occurrence along the southern border of the state--from the lower Rio Grande Valley to the Trans-Pecos.
He stops to play with the prison's pet coatimundi, which looks like a cross between a raccoon and an anteater, and chats with inmates, who wear street clothes.
From the hillsides above drift the rasping calls of a howler monkey and the chirping of a coatimundi, climbing through the sprawling crown of a fig tree.
Tayto Critter Country is a wooded area where exotic animals like the Ocelots, Coatimundi, Ria and Racoons live.
Sit quietly, watch for shooting stars, and listen; you have a fair chance of hearing coyotes or javelinas (wild peccaries), or maybe spotting a fox or coatimundi slipping across the road.
Nearly 200 species of birds, for example, have been sighted by Chaa Creek visitors, along with such exotic animals as the jaguar, ocelot, coatimundi and basilisk (a large, prehistoric-looking reptile).
Last spring we saw a tapir, coatimundi, and several kinds of monkeys; we found agouti and giant armadillo holes, and chased white-lipped peccaries through the forest.
They're no trouble but that can't be said of the army of pesky coatimundis, a sort of long-tailed raccoon which brazenly tries to steal lunch from the buggies and the occasional golf ball.
Gilbert has written how coatimundis who live in scrub they're too short to see over can build three-dimensional maps of what's ahead from sounds and odors.