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omnivorous mammal of Central America and South America

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White-nosed coati Nasua narica (Carnivora: Procyonidae) as a potential pollinator of Ochroma pyramidale (Bombacaceae).
ringtailed coati Spider monkeys chatter as they swing through the trees on vines that would take a grown man's weight.
While hiking to my stand early New Year's morning, the only tracks I saw in the snow were those of a large coati, an animal that looks like a cross between a raccoon and a monkey.
Table 4 Energy return rates from foraged and hunted foods by South American hunter-gatherers Food Food type Return rate (kcal/hour) Peccary Animal 65000 Antelope Animal 16000-32000 Rabbit Animal 13500-15400 Paca Animal 7000 Coati Animal 7000 Squirrel Animal 5400-6300 Roots Plant 1200-6300 Fruits Plant 900-6000 Armadillo Animal 5900 Snakes Animal 5900 Birds Animal 4800 Lizards Animal 4200 Seeds Plant 500-4000 Adapted from Cordain et al.
The ring-tailed coati belongs to the same family as raccoons.
The controversy prompted Coati Planck, advocacy director for the Washington, D.
Bottom dissolved oxygen, salinity, and temperature were sampled with a Hydrolab Surveyor II at each location (Szedlmayer and Coati, 1999).
The Cozumel island coati is a species considered very similar to the white-nosed coati (N.
Since surface tension increases with decreasing temperature, coati ng material is drawn from the non-bond regions, resulting in thicker films over the bonds.
They include Coati Mundi, who moved to Brooklyn after success with Kid Creole, and Russian ballroom dancing teacher Vikar and her husband Misha, who own the studio where John Travolta strutted his stuff in Saturday Night Fever.
Outside, the puma and coati mundi, the birds and assorted snakes all remained invisible to us.
By and large, Xinguanos (especially Carib and Arawak groups) have strong restrictions against the consumption of 'red' meat from the abundant terrestrial animals (including tapir, peccary, deer, sloth, paca, capyvara, coati, agouti, armadillo, tortoise) (Basso 1973; Carneiro 1957; Carvalho 1951; Gregor 1977).
Stoney has retired and is living in New York "as a house husband" off the millions he made and Coati Mundi, another band member, has gone into acting.
As Serbian political scientist Vladimir Coati put it in a New York Times interview not long ago: "There are no liberals here.
A scientific expedition into the Reserve sponsored by Conservation International, a Washington-based environment group, found rare birds and plants, howler monkeys, lapirs, agoutis, brocket deer, coati, kinkajous, whitelipped peccaries and other animals.