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a short close-fitting coat

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By this time, the coatee had become the parade uniform in a small number of European armies.
In fact, the decrees of 1764 (22) would become the first uniform plan of the Portuguese Army, highly standardized and marked by the adoption of a base color for the coatees, dark blue.
New uniforms, featuring coatees with a double line of buttons, more close-fitting but more uncomfortable, were the first perceptible changes in the iconography that accompanied that uniform plan.
One was in leaf-green printed georgette, with a sleeved coatee over a sleeveless gown.
Then there was a sleeveless tuck-in blouse, a long-sleeved coatee, and a wide brimmed hat.
He removed her black coatee, and carried her downstairs through the kitchen and into the garage, where he placed the body in the car.
It also emerged that a suitcase Edward had been carrying from the house on the day following the murder contained a number of bloodstained articles - including Mrs Ball's coatee.
If each man retained his coatee or tunic with 12 buttons, then at least 36,000 58th Foot buttons would have remained in New Zealand.