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Antonyms for coated

having a coating


having or dressed in a coat

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He says there's a huge market to be realized for coated wood products in highway road signs, billboards, real estate and temporary wood signs which typically have a two-year lifespan.
Mills can increase bulk and reduce costs by replacing hardwood kraft with high-yield pulp in wood-free coated papers.
According to Lewis, the density of the polymer on a coated surface is so high that natural microbial defense mechanisms will be overwhelmed.
Downey Company also reworks previously coated metal products including light poles, park benches, snow plows, and other products providing cities and communities significant cost savings versus buying new light poles, park benches, bike racks, and other community infrastructure.
Heldman of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore says the coated stents represent a "whole new paradigm of combining a device with a biological agent to treat coronary disease.
min, and the cure time is 24 seconds for coil coated steel," says Robert White, director, Substrate Protection Systems, Automotive Coatings, PPG Industries.
The comparative loss in strength of the coated cores will most likely be substantial.
Asymtek's SC-400 PreciseCoat[TM] Conformal Coating Jet enables the application of coating materials to highly selective areas, especially on small substrates, devices or substrates with high-component density where there are tight tolerances between coated and uncoated areas.
Rajan Iyer, technical manager, coated papers, IMERYS Pigments for Paper Business Group, Sandersville, Georgia, USA
Reid and his coworkers added common bacteria to silicone lenses, some of which had been coated with a molecule-thick layer of a selenium-containing compound.
To meet the productivity requirement, each mold half would need to be handled and coated in less than 1 min.
Preliminary testing shows that coated bottles can be recycled through a conventional PET flake washing process, says market-development manager Susan Procaccini.
Objects coated with this polymer film include a diverse range of robber components, ranging from gaskets and seals to rubber keypads and medical catheters.
com/reports/c48624) has announced the addition of "European Coated Foods - Current and Future Trends (Primary Research Report)" to their offering.
Coated paper and paperboard markets continued to recover during the past year.