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having a coating


having or dressed in a coat

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A week of buffeting a tempestuous and relentless sea; a week of seasickness and deserted cabins; of lonely quarterdecks drenched with spray--spray so ambitious that it even coated the smokestacks thick with a white crust of salt to their very tops; a week of shivering in the shelter of the lifeboats and deckhouses by day and blowing suffocating "clouds" and boisterously performing at dominoes in the smoking room at night.
The balloons were made of a strong but light Lyons silk, coated with gutta percha.
Dorothea put out her hand with her usual simple kindness, and looked admiringly at Lydgate's lovely bride--aware that there was a gentleman standing at a distance, but seeing him merely as a coated figure at a wide angle.
Key motor vehicle marketto see accelerating growth The largest market for coated fabrics in2013 was motor vehicles, with 30 percentof the total, benefiting from the largenumber of light vehicles that are producedin the US each year.
At the 2006 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston last November, Braun's group presented the results of corrosion tests on steel strips coated with films containing both the catalyst and the prepolymer or one without the other.
Doug Smith, general manager of the newly created Grant Coated Wood Products division, says the coating is considered a "fairly mature technology" that is relatively novel in its use for OSB.
Using this technology, both electrically conductive and non-conductive substrates in a variety of shapes and sizes can be coated homogeneously.
APPLICATION: Mills have an opportunity to use more high-yield pulp in wood-free coated papers by adjusting the coat weight to improve the brightness stability.
Rubber and elastomeric components are generally coated in a continuous tumbling process (figure 4) that exposes all surfaces uniformly to the monomer.
Figure 3 shows data for the average thermal conductivity of all six coated specimens.
In a study published in the 22 May 2001 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Klibanov and his colleagues describe laboratory tests showing that surfaces coated with hexyl-PVP kill up to 99% of deposited Staphylococcus species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli, all common disease-causing organisms.
Our proprietary and meticulous metal preparation processes insure the parts coated will meet our customer's requirements, each and every time.
Rajan Iyer, technical manager, coated papers, IMERYS Pigments for Paper Business Group, Sandersville, Georgia, USA
Researchers now report that stents coated with a drug that inhibits cell migration and growth sharply reduce blockages in repaired arteries.
has received a patent for a coated laminar substrate in which the coating is comprised of silver or gold wherein the coating contains rhodium in an amount of up to two percent by weight of the coating.