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an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing

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The coat stand, valued at PS250, was taken from Stackpole Church in Pembroke and a PS25 wheelie bin from St David's Church in Brecon was taken.
VivaTerra Entwined Root Coat Stand, $259 Features the natural artistry of entwined tree roots.
09 GIVE your business contacts somewhere to hang their jackets with a Dakota coat stand, pounds 100, from The Pler.
Her sequined gown and coat stand next to Nicole Kidman's black and gold dress from Portrait of a Lady, Drew Barrymore's Cinderella ballgown from Ever After and Uma Thurman's sequined grey gown from The Golden Bowl.
Items to help Tatler readers on their religious journeys included Jesus sandals (120 [pounds sterling] from Yohji Yamamoto), a Sacred Heart skateboard (30 [pounds sterling] from Benetton), a clutch of votive candles, a Light-Up Laughing Buddha, a rosary necklace, and a crucifix coat stand.
His room was six paces wide and four paces long, yet it somehow contained two cast-iron bed frames, a metal bookcase, two wooden desks, a coat stand, and a set of rickety shelves .
His green face and hand, orange fiddle, and purple cap and coat stand out because Chagall used pale tan and gray colors to paint the village scene behind them.
If I knew the whereabouts of the most powerful person in the Western World I imagine I would be sitting in a posh clutter free office with big windows and two telephones and a coat stand and not standing in the middle of a football pitch wondering if I would be home in enough time to watch 'Tipping Point'.
The robbers wielded an iron bar and a coat stand as they struck at Donna's convenience store in Hawthorne Road, Bootle.
Get hooked Get a gorgeous piece of furniture without losing space with this coat stand - hooks included PS45 (www.
Those props included a coat stand, bits of household furniture, a TV (it all looked a bit like Buffalo Bar in Cardiff actually) and neon lighting.
The new city council boss, Labour's Sir Albert Bore, was said to have been stunned to arrive in his new base to find a coffee table and armchairs, a coat stand and two large paintings had all vanished.