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Subcellular targeting of the coat protein of African cassava mosaic geminivirus.
Protein dialysis and Electro elution SDS-PAGE results and Coat Protein Concentration Measurement with a Nanodrop spectrofotometer:
Using primers specific to CMV coat protein (CMVF/CMVR) amplified a PCR DNA fragment of 0.
The library was constructed by replacing amino acids E2, G3, and D4 on every copy of the pVIII coat protein of vector f8-1 (fd-tet derivative) with eight random amino acids.
The ELISA detection of plum pox is based on monoclonal antibodies binding to the virus's coat proteins, while the PCR methods lock onto the gene for making the proteins.
amp;uot;The three antibodies appear to home in on regions of the HIV coat protein that are essential for virus replication.
Rockville, MD) has patented chimeric adenovirus fiber protein, which differs from the wild-type coat protein by the introduction of a nonnative amino acid sequence in a conformationally-restrained manner.
Working with clumps of immature rice-plant cells taken from two Japanese varieties of rice, the researchers inserted a gene that directs the production of the rice stripe virus' coat protein.
Working with Ravelonandro, who is with the INRA Centre de Recherche Agronomique in Bordeaux, France, Scorza got the gene for the coat protein directly from the plum pox virus.
One end of each prong fits into one of the 72 holes formed by the building of the coat protein into sets of five-sided units, says Caspar.
The coat proteins alert the plant that an outside organism has invaded, and the plant is then better able to protect itself from the virus that the coat protein gene was isolated from,,
Over the past three years, by endowing vulnerable species with a gene for a coat protein of their viral enemies, researchers have produced plants that tolerate tobacco, alfalfa and cucumber mosaic viruses, potato viruses X and Y, and tobacco etch and rattle viruses, says biologist Roger N.
Potyvirus Coat Protein Genes and Plants Transformed Therewith 5,998,699 Disease resistance Lactuca Sativa Cultivar Exhibiting Resistance to Downy Mildew and Corky Root Rot 5,973,232 A lettuce cultivar sold
Specific details of this research appear in the paper, "Viral evolution revealed by PRD1 and human adenovirus coat protein structures," published in the September 17, 1999 issue of the scientific journal, Cell.
FDA indicates that transgenic viral coat protein protected plants require no premarket approval by FDA.