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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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OUR picture of an IV antibiotic drip being held up by a coat hanger hooked on to a patient's bedside lamp is an indictment of our battered health system.
Vilott was responded to commentary that ripped DC Abortion Fund's practice of "giv[ing] away a silver coat hanger pendant to our monthly supporters.
Fifteen students at Exeter University have been left with permanent scars after branding themselves with heated coat hangers.
Any type of stiff wire could be used, like a coat hanger wire.
And it seems the campaign has the full backing of California-based Gary Mussell, the great-grandson of the inventor of the coat hanger, Albert J Parkhouse of Michigan.
We can be found at the top of a little known staircase--if you can negotiate the tennis racquets and footballs, the coat hangers, the coat stand and other miscellanea, together with pieces of luggage which are left there for safe keeping.
One combination of objects, that includes fried eggs, coat hangers, and fish, recurs throughout as a "feminine" trope.
These are birth control pills we're talking about, remember, not coat hangers.
Black PS waste from discarded electronics and appliances (which also find their way into ASR) go into CD cases, coat hangers, and fasteners for office furniture.
wire coat hangers, toilet paper tube, wheat paste, newspaper, newsprint, masking tape, aluminum foil, tag-board scraps, glue, yarn, tissue paper, decorative papers, tempera paint, wiggle eyes, assorted trim materials such as pom-poms, fabric scraps, and small beads/buttons
Local businessman Jason Hendry was given one of the coat hangers as a gift in 2002, but thought nothing of it, except to make good use of it on his frequent travels.
As usual with this practice, attention has been paid to the smallest detail, from design of light fittings to bed linen and coat hangers.
A local metro newspaper runs a feature story that lists "furnishings and accessories (including) two sets of bedsheets valued at nearly $6,000 and $2,900 worth of coat hangers.
A Worcester entrepreneur is hoping to introduce a wider market to his dream product - adjustable coat hangers.
To deter would-be thieves (and, no doubt, to try to keep their new SUV's name off of the annual "Most Stolen Vehicles" list that always features several Hondas), the Pilot's engineers have designed in several anti-theft measures: steel guards deflect sophisticated tools like bent coat hangers from the lock rod and latch mechanism, rear lock rods are located behind the center sashes and cannot be reached from outside, and key cylinders are eliminated from all but the driver's door, and that has been strengthened with a double thickness of steel.