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a hanger that is shaped like a person's shoulders and used to hang garments on

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Nurses and doctors are so disillusioned they are emigrating to use their skills abroad, in countries where they don't need to make drip stands out of coat hangers and lamps.
Aside from flashing their trademark coarseness, what does the coat hanger jewelry accomplish?
Fifteen students at Exeter University have been left with permanent scars after branding themselves with heated coat hangers.
Take your coat hanger and bend in half horizontally to create loops and a hanger.
Paul had spent around seven years perfecting and patenting a design for a telescopic coat hanger but never saw the finished article.
A personal favorite is the circle the triangle problem with a picture of a coat hanger as the correct answer.
With an adult's help, straighten a wire coat hanger.
My concern is that people have great intentions and end up spending a lot of money for an expensive coat hanger.
Buy a young, supple-stemmed plant of about 6-inch-pot size; plant it in a pot at least 8 to 12 inches in diameter, and then train it to grow around a wire coat hanger frame.
Or, make a dressing stick by untwisting a wire coat hanger with pliers.
You can insert an open eye-screw in the top for a hanger or make one from a coat hanger.
A Ministry of Justice monthly security bulletin warned that drugs, a mobile phone and SIM card were found concealed within a prison-issue wooden coat hanger at the Category B jail in Stockton.
The 37-year-old beat the children, aged between four and 16, with a belt, a broken coat hanger and a mallet.
The dowsing too of choice would be a simple "L-rod," basically a L-shaped, bent metal coat hanger with a short, 4-6 inch long handle and 10-18 inch long pointer.