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a closet for storing outerwear

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Zona," Indi said when we came out of the coat closet, "thank you for helping me.
opened its free coat closet in hopes that those in need would come by.
So small that, seeing the door to MacDonald's, ahem, "stock room" - think large coat closet - a little girl's eyes grew wide.
Baiamonte converted the linen closet to a coat closet, using hooks because the enclosure was too shallow to accommodate hangers.
When they opened the coat closet, they found Lessner.
The teachers are crazy in various ways, ranging from the anti-Semitic English teacher to the biology teacher who babbles to herself in the coat closet during the class.
This has meant turning our coat closet into a nook for the refrigerator, and turning half of our living room into a bedroom, using a mobile closet to double as a wall.
Clean out your coat closet (or guest room closet) to make room for your guests.
JFK and RFK, each with pricked forefinger, napping inside the coat closet.
That is, they check their moral convictions in the coat closet before they enter the legislature.
If a volunteer finishes, goes to the coat closet, and quietly departs, it's hard to tell what the person may be feeling.
Meanwhile, the society's gala, which previously could have fit in a coat closet, made The New York Times in 2001, when honoree Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke for the first time about her colorectal cancer.
Interior designer Pamela Pennington relocated a coat closet to create an airy vestibule with a polished slate floor that continues into the adjacent bathroom.
In Manhattan, few blink an eye if you must pay $300,000 for a one-bedroom apartment whose best features include a coat closet.
Ozark -- Assistance to Center's Food Bank and St Joseph's Coat Closet