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a button on a coat

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He's shown lying in a bed with his face in bandages and with coat buttons for eyes.
A baul with one black frock coat, one mirror de tres lunas, two white tunics, white pants, one blue wool band, one Ilocano bedspread, two bath towels, one pair unused slippers, one empty leather portfolio, one metal box with coat buttons, 32 small boxes of cartridges, five cane fans, one general's cap, one English straw hat, one Baliuag hat.
57 in loose change and three coat buttons were collected by Walcott and the stretcher bearers.
Due to numerous traffic accidents, French children were given large reflective coat buttons to make them more noticeable to drivers.
Swallows, reflecting Kate's tattoos, appear in detailing on coat buttons and denim hems.
Patients should not coat buttons with nail polish--it doesn't work very well.
There are wristwatch cameras, cameras concealed in cigarette packs, cameras hidden behind coat buttons.
Included in the sale were a selection of spy cameras in various disguises, such as coat buttons, cigarette lighters and gentlemen's pocket watches.
The archaeologists uncovered such diverse items as pieces of military artifacts like metal coat buttons (especially the Butler's Rangers type), grape shot, musket balls, gun flints, glass and shell beads, a piece of trade silver, ceramic tableware, wine and other glass bottles, Chinese porcelain and structural debris.
So the Aldridge audience must have gotten special enjoyment from Brown's representation of an Irishman so crude that his coat buttons were made of crackers.
But she also wore a diamondencrusted brooch and diamante coat buttons in tribute to the diamond wedding - the first British sovereign to reach the milestone.