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along or following a coast

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Alaska's short operating season and challenging weather require vessel designs to be highly reliable, says Coastwise Corporation Principal Patrick Eberhardt.
Jack-up" rigs and barge rigs are considered vessels under the Jones Act, a statute that controls coastwise trade in the U.
In his A Topographical Dictionary of Wales, Samuel Lewis (1833) indicated that sand was often carried many miles inland in carts and wagons and coastwise in sloops.
Of these, the Maritime Commission has taken the initiative by ordering a main propulsion unit of around 2,000 hp from the Elliott Company for a CI-MA-V1 coastwise cargo ship.
The coastwise trade laws prohibit foreign vessels and mariners from transporting goods or passengers between American ports.
Laurie Itkin is founder of The Options Lady and a financial advisor with Coastwise Capital Group in San Diego, CA.
Market limitations such as market size, lack of familiarity with the domestic markets and institutional barriers may not allow foreign shipping companies to do business in all sectors of coastwise trade, it noted.
Don Horton, a Merchant Marine veteran who is president of WWII Coastwise Merchant Mariners.
The goal was to create a safely navigable channel for coastwise trade, but anglers quickly discovered that the manmade shoals attract fish just as effectively as the manmade channels attract boats.
The easterly flow can bring some cloud to the northeast, while "oosweer" prevails coastwise.
restrict participation in the coastwise trade to American vessels and to
is a privately held company that owns and operates American flag vessels serving both the international and US coastwise trades.
Kirby Corporation (NYSE: KEX), a domestic tank barge operator, transporting bulk liquid products throughout the Mississippi River System, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, coastwise along all three United States coasts and in Alaska and Hawaii, has reported its financial results for the fourth quarter in 2011.
A] vessel may not provide any part of the transportation of merchandise by water, or by land and water, between points in the United States to which the coastwise laws apply, either directly or via a foreign port, unless the vessel--
They concentrate on the early coastwise years, while the transpacific experience and the 1900s are treated in eleven pages heavily weighted with illustrations.