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along or following a coast

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Under 46 USC [section] 501, the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) may waive coastwise laws if it determines: (a) there is no qualified US-flagged vessel available, and (b) the waiver is "necessary in the interest of national defense.
Kirby Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, is the nation's largest domestic tank barge operator, transporting bulk liquid products throughout the Mississippi River System, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, coastwise along all three United States coasts and in Alaska and Hawaii.
restrict participation in the coastwise trade to American vessels and to
From a lumber batteau working on a log jam, to an eccentric cobbler traveling from island to island by sailing scow, to trains wrecks, hootchie-cootchie dancers, coastwise cargo schooners, and so much more, readers are treated to unique perspectives captured by a camera's lens and documented life and work in the state of Maine during a sixty year span that begins in 1860 and ends in 1920.
Therefore, it is critical for our Nation to develop a coastwise domestic water ferry capability that can be implemented quickly when needed for homeland security and national defense purposes.
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James Fisher, excellent company that it is, is mainly concerned with coastwise trade in oil.
It calls for boosting the share of trains and coastwise cargo ships by 7 percentage points to 50% by the year 2010.
The Penn acquisition should ultimately be viewed favorably despite the temporary increase in leverage, due to its complementary nature to Kirby's existing coastwise business.
Gulf of Mexico and Latin America, and is a leading short-haul transporter of petroleum products through its coastwise fleet of ocean-going tugs and tank barges primarily in the northeastern U.
Allied's fleet is comprised of 10 coastwise tank barges with an aggregate liquid capacity of 680,000 barrels, three offshore dry-bulk barges with a total potential of 48,000 deadweight tons, and seven tugboats.
is a privately-held company which owns and operates American flag vessels serving both the international and US coastwise trades.
Johnsen, ISH's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are pleased to acquire United Ocean Services from United Maritime Group, a leader in dry bulk coastwise transportation in the United States for over 50 years.
Allied's fleet consists of 10 coastwise tank barges with a total liquid capacity of 680,000 barrels, three offshore dry-bulk barges with a total capacity of 48,000 deadweight tons, and seven tugboats.
The company also benefits from its position as the largest operator in the inland tank barge market and one of the largest in the coastwise market.