coaster wagon

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a child's four-wheeled toy cart sometimes used for coasting


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was still busy with horse-hitch parts, ladders and Henry's All American Coaster Wagon that initially featured fifth-wheel steering and, later, automotive-type steering.
For the next six years, Heider divided his time between the two companies, adding coaster wagons to the Heider production.
A list of some of the many toys in their toyland included "automobiles, velocipedes, iron wagons, metal banks, doll beds, wheel barrows, garden sets, mechanical toys, coaster wagons, doll buggies, toy pianos, ten-pin sets, rocker toys, block sets, mechanical trains, horse and carts, dart games, baseball gloves, marbles, tin spelling boards, toy drums, ring tossing sets, cedar chests, doll furniture, doll tea sets, friction toys, rocking chairs, tool chests, map puzzles, pedal bikes, fire engines, trumpets, dolls--all sizes, pop guns, musical instruments, and books .
Soon they could also be found on wheelchairs (then also known as invalid chairs"), children's pedal cars, coaster wagons, wheelbarrows, doll carriages, tricycles and bicycles.
the various rabbit-raising residents, with coaster wagons, carts, burlap bags (gunny sacks) and other containers, would wait near the "parking" until the grass was cut.