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a brake on a bicycle that engages with reverse pressure on the pedals

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Many children's bikes still have coaster brakes, which are more complex mechanically than hand brakes and can become gummed up with grease.
When the coaster brakes, riders will fall back into their seats with a force of acceleration, called g-force, two times Earth's gravity--close to that of a rocket launch.
Equipped with hand and coaster brakes, the Commando allows kids to stay in control.
Answering a challenge from Grant Peterson, owner of Rivendell Bicycles in California and publisher of the Rivendell Reader newsletter, Co-Motion has been working for the past year to design a high-performing bike for cyclists whose weight has limited them to heavy-duty single-speeds with balloon tires and coaster brakes.
Mr Cope said: "We have offered to replace the bike but have never had a problem with these coaster brakes before.
The fleet includes mountain bikes, three- and 10-speeds, and even single speeds with coaster brakes.
Coaster brakes or foot brakes are the best kind to use when you are learning to ride.
Description: This recall involves beach cruiser style Felt Deep Six and El Guapo model bicycles with one speed and coaster brakes.
Coaster brakes, or foot brakes, are the best kind to have when you are first learning to ride.
The bikes have easy-to-use coaster brakes and are generally just one speed.
Novara Dirt Rider 20" SS ($149) -- Available exclusively at REI, this bike offers a single-speed drivetrain and both coaster brakes and hand brakes, meaning young cyclists (ages 6-10) can become acquainted with hand brakes on their own time schedule.
Giant Bicycles have equipped their children's bikes with easy-to-use coaster brakes.
Whilst coaster brakes were popular in the 70s, over the last few decades the feature has slowly disappeared from children's bikes.
Featuring TIG welded frames, heavy-duty training wheels and easy-to-learn coaster brakes, these are a great way to kickstart a first ride on two wheels.
Depending on which style you choose, additional features can include bladed mag wheels, caliper and/or coaster brakes, single- or dual-speed gear systems, a surefire shifter to change gears easily and spring-loaded, shock-absorbing forks.