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located on or near or bordering on a coast


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Since that earlier report was issued, however, the federal government has taken what the latest report calls an "ad hoc approach" to ocean and coastal policy.
The UFW committed itself to winning such a vote at Coastal Berry five years ago, hoping a victory there would create momentum for similar successes throughout California's farm fields.
Representing the landlord was Lispah Hogan and David Raspler of Studley/Houston and representing Coastal was Colleen Elliott, Vice President/Facilities Manager for Coastal and Scott Wegmann of Cushman Realty Corporation.
They are the connective tissue between sea and land, playing an invaluable role in protecting coastal areas from erosion, storm damage and flooding.
Measurements of food intake, reflected in stable carbon isotope ratios of human bones from that time period, suggest that there were distinct coastal and inland populations that did not travel great distances during the year.
Serving customers with a compelling value proposition and enjoyable online experience has always been our goal, and revenue is a way of helping us measure our success in achieving that goal," said Roger Hardy, Coastal.
The coastal zone represents at least half the value of global ecologic services (Costanza et al.
Marina Sailing, which has boats and facilities at a number of local harbors, including Marina del Rey and Long Beach, combines the Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising standards into nine lessons, which work out to be about $50 per lesson.
Mehos, chairman and chief executive officer of Coastal.
The goal of this Video Leadership Seminar is to provide lawyers with current information on the complexities involved in coastal security and environmental compliance issues in the post 9/11 world.
Estuarine and coastal processes are increasingly being affected by humans, with consequent impacts on coastal ecosystems and the humans who live, work, and play there.
The commission presented the landlocked city a special certificate recognizing it as a leading inland city in the annual Coastal Cleanup Day for the past five years.
July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Coastal Corporation's (NYSE: CGP) subsidiary Coastal Refining & Marketing, Inc.
Coastal Sunbelt Produce Company and East Coast Fresh Cuts, Inc.
Artisanal fishermen rowed and sailed through estuaries and the coastal ocean, armed with rough hooks and handmade nets.
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