coast redwood

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lofty evergreen of United States coastal foothills from Oregon to Big Sur

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1 -- color) Coast redwoods are generally associated with Northern California, but they exist in Southern California, too.
Coast redwood could lose up to 23% of its current distribution as the climate changes more drastically in the southern rainforest region.
Green plants like the coast redwood use natural ingredients to make food through photosynthesis.
Redwood, coast redwood, Pacific redwood, California redwood, sequoia, vavona burr.
The scientific name of the coast redwood is Sequoia sempervirens, which means ever living - a bit of an exaggeration as the oldest redwood known is ``only'' about 2,200 years old.
There is no place like it in the world,'' said John Kolb, district superintendent of the North Coast Redwood District.
In fact, the world's tallest known tree is a coast redwood that measures just over 379 feet tall.
Seedlings available are Douglas fir, grand fir, western red cedar, ponderosa pine, giant sequoia, incense cedar and a few red alder and coast redwood.
Among the trees on display: a Chinese Hackberry growing as a bonsai since 1952, a coast redwood in bonsai training since 1967, and a stunning grouping of Japanese maples whose oldest trees were taken from cuttings in 1964.
274 feet tall; 85 feet around; 107-foot spread - 1,321 points 2: Coast redwood (Sequoia), Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Calif.
California has five of the country's 10 biggest champion trees: the General Sherman giant sequoia (biggest tree in the world; biggest champ by circumference, volume, and point total), coast redwood (tallest tree in the world and second biggest national champ), California-laurel (seventh biggest national champ, biggest native hardwood champ), sugar pine (biggest pine in the world, eight biggest national champ), and Monterey cypress (tenth biggest national champ).
About 90 miles north of San Francisco, the park's 6,000 acres take in both an astonishing coastline and uplands with coast redwood and bishop pine forests.
California's Coast Redwood and the Land-Sea Connection (Sept 20).
A tip to those who hope to walk away from the event with a few dozen giant sequoia, red alder or coast redwood seedlings: Arrive early, because those species are favorites among local planters, and they don't last long.