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made coarse or crude by lack of skill

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In this work, we employ eigenresiduals as a theoretical tool to demonstrate the accuracy of estimating eigenvectors on graphs coarsened using the knowledge of LSEVs.
They then took a closer look at these problem areas using a variety of techniques with different length scale resolutions and discovered that the finely-structured nanomaterials on these electrodes that allow the battery rapidly charge and discharge had coarsened in size.
Unfortunately, Judge has coarsened much of the stage business, adding crotch and bosom grabs and similarly obvious gestures.
Yet our culture, far from becoming more refined, has coarsened, with drunkenness and random acts of violence an increasing problem.
It has coarsened the level of political debate to a level completely unprecedented in contemporary times.
The warmth of his coarsened palm restored me to myself.
Weighing merely one pound four ounces, William wasn't given much of a chance to live, let alone enjoy what our coarsened society considers an adequate "quality of life.
The orchestral accompaniment coarsened and threatened to overwhelm the soloist.
Three morphologies were observed in discontinuously coarsened lamellar structures (secondary lamellae).
Flotation of graphite was eliminated, dendrite arm spacing was increased, metastable eutectic interlamellar spacing was decreased and eutectic grain size was coarsened.
At the same time, the campy shock value of Alice Cooper's glam coarsened into the creepy violence of Marilyn Manson's goth.
While the pundits who love to decry negative ads portray a political culture that has coarsened terribly, one must admit something has changed for the better now that such a self-defense seems ludicrous and beside the point.
Evans was a success because listeners made him one - because he reflects the coarsened values of his fans and touched a common nerve of vulgarity, cruelty and ugliness in society.
But how coarsened has public discourse become when downsizing, higher unemployment, and the export of American jobs overseas is routinely a source of exultation for "the market"?
It contains a fascinating examination not only of the difficulties encountered by soldiers attempting to recover from the horrific events in the trenches but also of the manner in which social institutions are coarsened and cheapened in time of war.