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made coarse or crude by lack of skill

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3D finite element model is finally generated based on the stack of new coarsened B/W images using cube-shaped solid element (C3D8R).
If a good node is an interior node, then four conforming triangles are coarsened into two conforming ones.
We develop theoretical results regarding the existence of LSEVs of matrices associated with graphs and show the relation of the spectra of the original matrix with the coarsened version that results after removing the structures generating the LSEVs.
Washington, Oct 20 (ANI): Scientists have found that batteries lose their ability to hold a charge as they age because the finely structured nanomaterials present in the battery get coarsened in size.
During the procedure a pedicure expert accurately removes the coarsened layer of skin, calluses and applies special medical cream.
Gil Troy's "Bury the Hatchet" [Autumn '08], for example, alleges that blogging's "harsh, unfettered nature has coarsened politics," in part because "the fact that so many bloggers are essentially anonymous allows them to spew rancor, minor, lies, and obscenities.
The loadsamoney years coarsened our country, no, brutalised it beyond compare, and now the New Labour leader is out there a huggin' and a kissin' the witch who, while quoting St Francis of Assisi in that very street, was planning to tear us asunder.
TODAY, on Good Friday, the Spirit, sent to renew a world coarsened by greed, corrupted by power, torn by violence and war, is flowing from a heart broken by love: a side pierced by the Calvary struggle to be only forgiving.
The interdependence of the rails, the blue and light orange paint, and the static nature of the entire assemblage brings the viewer to the position where geometry and its somewhat coarsened translations into functionality part company.
Unfortunately, Judge has coarsened much of the stage business, adding crotch and bosom grabs and similarly obvious gestures.
Yet our culture, far from becoming more refined, has coarsened, with drunkenness and random acts of violence an increasing problem.
It has coarsened the level of political debate to a level completely unprecedented in contemporary times.
Weighing merely one pound four ounces, William wasn't given much of a chance to live, let alone enjoy what our coarsened society considers an adequate "quality of life.
The orchestral accompaniment coarsened and threatened to overwhelm the soloist.
Three morphologies were observed in discontinuously coarsened lamellar structures (secondary lamellae).