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make or become coarse or coarser

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make less subtle or refined

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2] to form the algebraic-distance-based strength graph, the coloring algorithm is now able to coarsen in the direction of anisotropy for the finite difference discretization and [alpha] = -[pi]/4.
In this research, a lower homogenization energy than a typical value to make critically stabilized monomer droplets was used to make emulsion to reside in an initially unstable state with droplets continuing either to coarsen or to shrink to lower their overall free energy.
We give an example that demonstrates some potential computational savings of detecting LSEVs and using them to coarsen the graph before applying an eigensolver.
Not only does abortion coarsen the humanity of every society that accepts it (making the extermination of the elderly and the disabled ever more thinkable), but we are starting to see it devastate the lives of its survivors in ways that no one anticipated.
The motor itself has a skewed rotor like those found in inkjet printers which eliminates the detent torque that would coarsen the feel.
Just as the mass media has the power to coarsen society, a growing number of entertainment professionals believe it has the power to uplift it as well.
Now its mission appears to be to degrade, coarsen and brutalise.
To investigate the tendency of the morphologies to coarsen as a result of annealing only (i.
A glance at television, the press, movies and new music reveals the ways sexual crudity, exhibitionism and sexual exploitation coarsen our common life.
How a given molding process is mechanized and the sophistication of its pattern or die equipment can refine or coarsen its base tolerance capability.