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having surface roughness

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In the case of coarse-textured soil under wetting and drying cycles, the diagram was similar to a normal consolidated soil, mainly behaving along VCL.
Tarboro series are somewhat excessively drained, coarse-textured soils with rapid permeability (15-50 cm/hour) and acidic conditions (pH 5.
One conclusion that can be reached is that reducing forward speed when mowing a coarse-textured, thick-stemmed grass like Johnsongrass can lessen the number of pop-ups.
Soil water repellency and infiltration in coarse-textured soils of burned and unburned sagebrush ecosystems.
Previous work by Phillips (2002a, 2002b) and Phillips and Burton (2005) has generated considerable information on fertiliser (KCl) and wastewater (piggery effluent) leaching in large, undisturbed cores of a coarse-textured Podosol soil, and a well-structured Vertosol clay soil, respectively.
The chicken was tender, the peanut sauce was coarse-textured and tangy and they were beautifully decorated with a flower.
Since that time, this coarse-textured ice confection typically made from fruit, has evolved into a "slushy" drink available in most convenience stores, restaurants and even schools.
Meal was the most common form of feed produced by co-ops (72 percent of the total); pellets were second (14 percent), followed by coarse-textured (11 percent), liquid (2 percent), cubes (1 percent) and blocks (0.
A bit of a mouthful in other words but a very good one, apparently, the halves of succulent pepper packed solidly with the coarse-textured but deeply savoury and moist mix.
Catalpas have ragged crowns of coarse-textured branches adorned with huge heart-shaped leaves, big enough that a catalpa leaf once served as an impromptu umbrella for my two-year-old daughter during an afternoon shower.
These suggest that the crust is made of three principal layers: the topmost "pillow basalts,' which were formed when extruded lava was cooled by seawater; a "sheeted-dike complex' consisting of a tangled mass of feeders that brought the lava toward to the surface; and gabbros, or coarse-textured basalts that crystallized under pressure and were never extruded.
Already, a number of kimberlite intersections recovered this year exhibit coarse-textured rock which is of great interest to us," comments Robert A.
The SM (Eqn 6) generally predicted logK([theta]) with greater reliability (regression line closer to 1 : 1 line) for coarse-textured soils than for fine-textured soils, even though some clayey soils (e.
Heavily fertilized crops with shallow roots, such as potatoes--grown on irrigated, coarse-textured soils--are susceptible to nitrate leaching.
For the coarse-textured site (site B), the readings of the portable capacitance system underestimated soil water content until a scaled frequency of around 0.