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Synonyms for coarse-grained

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

not having a fine texture

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Possibly most significant was a sample of outcropping coarse-grained magnetite-bearing granite gneiss which contained 49.
Fine-grained chopping and slicing basalt tools from American Samoa have a different chemical signature from those of the coarse-grained basalt artifacts found on Ofu and Mangaia Islands, Weisler and Kirch hold.
8 slices coarse-grained white bread, cut 1-inch thick, toasted
0 has changed the notion of EJBs as coarse-grained, heavy-weight objects to EJBs as lightweight POJOs with fine-grained annotations.
Along the Brazos River there are meter-thick beds of coarse-grained sandstones and large chunks of clay that were deposited precisely at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary.
A close-spaced RC-drill-hole grid pattern and an RC hole diameter of 133 mm will be used to optimize the sampling of the coarse-grained gold in the quartz veins down dip of the surface outcrop.
They found large dunes of coarse-grained sediment, 5 million to 6 million years old, near the sides of the dry lakebed; preserved in the dunes are patterns of strong water currents that flowed in many directions.
Day CRX Developer Edition includes a useful and comprehensive set of content services commonly required by content-centric applications and an optimal structure for fine- and coarse-grained content storage and retrieval.
TSMC is offering a fine-grained MTCMOS technology initially, to be followed by a coarse-grained technology for even greater leakage reduction.
Mudstones and turbidites lie in the middle of the Forbes Formation, often with unfossiliferous, cross-bedded, and coarse-grained sandstones.
Mineralization in drill hole K04-03 was somewhat weaker than that present in hole K04-02, however, 1 - 2% sulphides occur for 51 meters (167 feet) between 50 and 101 meters, mainly as isolated coarse-grained pyrite clots and finely disseminated pyrite with suspected associated covellite.
In this lower section of the hole the covellite - bornite is not immediately obvious and if present, occurs as fine-grains in association with any coarse-grained pyrite.
Gold is commonly coarse-grained, with a pronounced nugget effect, presenting sampling challenges.
The outcrop exposure consists of erosionally resistant, coarse-grained rhyolite breccia, which has undergone geological mapping and rock sampling by field personnel since 2003.
Diamond recoveries from the prospective kimberlite of body 148, dominated by medium to coarse-grained olivine and visible indicator minerals including red and purple garnets, are expected to be delivered to the Joint Venture by the SRC within the week.