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Synonyms for coarctation

tight or narrow compression

(biology) a narrowing or constriction of a vessel or canal

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Covered stents in patients with complex aortic coarctations.
Subatretic coarctation is a complex form of aortic coarctation (CoA) with complete luminal obliteration (13).
In this report, a child with discrete CoA who had diagnosed suba-tretic coarctation and successfully treated with wire perforation of luminal obstruction followed covered stent implantation is presented.
We present two cases with a completely obstructed descending aorta just distal to the isthmus, referred to as a blind coarctation or aortic isthmus atresia, that were treated using the covered CP Stent (Cheatam Platinum; Numed Inc.
Echocardiographic examination could not reveal exactly whether the patients had coarctation or interruption.
Both anatomic continuity and luminal patency of the aorta are preserved in coarctation of aorta.