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a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out

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Where coaming is not installed, the deck edge is marked with a white circle with a red "[CO.
At first there was no break in the level of the deck, but the cockpit coaming was made lower so that it didn't strike the quahoger's leg so high up when the boat rolled.
Unlike competitive arrangements in which the gasket is placed inside the hatch cover as an additional part, Dev-Mark designed a neoprene gasket that attaches directly to the periphery of the hopper car's stainless steel coaming.
This reduces maintenance work for the shipowner, and the shipyard's installation work is also simpler because fewer components need to be installed on the coaming.
Features include 15-gallon livewell, 26-gallon storage compartment, leaning post seating, vertical and horizontal rod holders, coaming panels and transom access to electrical systems.
The hatch between the plant and the hangar bay has a coaming, requiring a ramp to move the LOX cart up and over the ledge.
Other standard features: trolling motor mounting block, padded coaming and a stern skid plate.
They found that the unsecured light cover had been blown off by the H-47's rotor downwash during the initial landings The missing cover allowed light to escape the housing and reflect off the deck coaming.
Unfortunately, the only way to get off of the elevator was to drive along the painted red-and-yellow-square visual-landing-aid markings around the elevator deck edge, adjacent to the coaming.
Another clever feature is the fold out seats on the coaming, forming a relaxing lounge area with views forward along the expansive side decks.
While the Raymarine plotter was somewhat hidden under the coaming in this layout, in another arrangement it could be on the pedestal.
Shallow lockers on either coaming offer unusual but useful storage, probably intended for iPads or other tablets - increasingly popular aids for navigation.
It's a good arrangement, providing a clear line of sight forward for the skipper, and the seating position on the moulded coaming of the wide cockpit is near perfect.
On deck Jeanneau have used Harken ball bearing genoa tracks and deck organisers and Spinlock for the line stoppers on the cockpit coaming.
Magic Trims offer a very quick way of sheeting lines in and out and, because of their shape, can be stored in the coaming of the superstructure or even in the bulwarks.