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one nation associated with another in a common cause

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Anger, especially coalitionist anger on the streets, is a crucial element of the GTSG's politics which has been more often than not bleached out of government-funded material for GLBTIQ youth.
Italy can also provide support for either a left-versus-right or a coalitionist argument to explain the low quality of Italian QCL and low shareholder diffusion.
This was a thing to wonder at, for all at once the government party had become popular again after years of being scornfully labelled as 'the lackeys of Turkey' or 'foreign slaves' or 'Vienna's hired gaolers' which for years had been the epithets lavished on them by the Coalitionist press.
There being no takers for the LPP leadership's wilder coalitionist schemes, the party would make its debut in the national elections of 1945.
Both, maritimist and coalitionist, place themselves in the perspective of global hegemony.
Since dumped by his electorate, Coalitionist Danny said at the time: "Our PS460,000 investment bringing superfast broadband to 1,500 homes and businesses [around Rothbury will] create jobs and sustainable growth for the region.
Plaid Cymru were stout coalitionists for four years, they with Labour voted for the policy.