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Unlike the Christian Coalition, Hunter does not reflexively bash Democrats.
But we felt we needed to support the agreement with the BCS and the coalition schools.
In Paradise, caring surfaces as a function of coalition processes, as a collective endeavor with activist claims, as a mechanism for "address[ing] social and political inequalities" (Jaggar 132).
Large Fortune 500 firms, once concerned about the loss of independence attendant with traditional cooperatives, are quite responsive to coalition models that promote flexibility and choice.
It is important to ask coalition organizers several key questions before you sign on.
The Coalition for Luggage Security was established to ensure the safety of travelers through alternate means of luggage transportation.
It must convince the judge that the Coalition has a good chance of winning based on the evidence, that the ongoing construction would forever damage the remains and that monetary satisfaction would not suffice as retribution.
In the 1999 and 2001 school board races, the UTLA and the coalition spent upward of $4 million on their slates.
When progress is made, you have the issue of sharing the credit between the benefits department and the purchasing coalition, although that's not a big problem.
There is a widespread assumption that the Christian Coalition and many of its allied far-right groups are Protestants of fundamentalist or evangelical persuasion.
Small businesses are mobilizing throughout the state by launching a statewide letter writing and coalition drive to help send a message to decision makers in Sacramento that the current health care proposals threaten to put them out of business.
In yet another setback for the Christian Coalition (CC), the struggling Religious Right group lost one of its most active chapters in August.
The Cooperative Coalition to Prevent Blackouts (the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums is one of its founding members) has been warning the various state and federal agencies for years that an event such as this was bound to happen.
The coalition will work to increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles and refueling stations and support alternative fuel legislation.
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