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a region where there is coal underground

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The recession had a disproportionate impact on coalfield communities and we need to address this in order to make long-term changes.
Consequently, you see, you had lambs roaring like lions in the anthracite, but they had to be a lion to bloody well roar like a lion in the steam coalfield.
It is understood that overall production has been as low as 13 cwts output per manshift compared with the coalfield output of 29 cwts.
What needs to be done is there needs to be more investment in the coalfield communities; there needs to be more job opportunities, more business investments, better skills and knowledge and more job creation.
Dave Anderson, Labour MP and chairman of the Coalfield Communities All-Party Parliamentary Group, said: "This report confirms what those of us who still live in the coalfields know only too well, that as always it's the people at the sharp end of society who get hit the hardest in times of austerity.
More than half a million people, 10 per cent of Scotland's population, live in 13 local authority areas in the four former coalfield areas of Ayrshire, Fife/Central, Lanarkshire and the Lothians.
acquisitions, or competed for entry into the Mmamabula coalfield.
However, the CAG document also exonerated the Prime Minister, citing that the coalfield sales were done at the recommendation of state ministers.
The Oracle Coalfield would initiate mine development phase for its $ 860 million mining and power project by early 2013.
The findings reinforce calls for increased Government assistance, particularly in poorer, predominantly rural coalfield communities.
Lucky Dragon owns the entire equity interest in Tongliao City Heng Yuan Mining Company Limited ("Heng Yuan") which in turn owns (i) the mining rights and operation facilities of the Huanghuashan Coal Mine and (ii) the exploration rights of the Bayanhushuo Coalfield.
In this new scholarship, many Appalachian coalfield communities are now seen as having once been global or transnational villages where, by the time of the First World War in the case of southern West Virginia, a quarter of the coal mining labor force was drawn from southern and eastern Europe and another quarter was comprised of African Americans from other regions of the U.
Towards a comparative history of coalfield societies.
With reference to long-term investigations at two sites in Illinois, USA, he then illustrates the application of the derived general conceptual model and demonstrates that different responses could result from minor variations in geological setting within the same coalfield.