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the part of a coal seam that is being cut

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From the graph of the monthly subsidence with the current position of the advancing coalfaces (Graph 13), there is an apparent increase in monthly subsidence after the coalfaces were in their closest distance to the point.
Since the extraction of these mining panels coincides in most of the time, it is not possible to precisely distinguish the exact start of the major subsidence increases of the individual coalfaces.
The trend of the monthly subsidence resembles the curves of the distances of the coalfaces approaching to the point.
From the graphs of the horizontal directions of the points (Graph 15) it is obvious that the points were mostly influences by the exploitation of the largest mining panel b and they followed the advancing coalface of this mining panel from the east to the west.
The Yorkshire MP said: "It is where I used to live, near Rotherham, where there are green hills and coalfaces.