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the part of a coal seam that is being cut

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Well, the coalface tends to be the Croatian coastline in later summer," he laughs.
We need to address this before we reopen the coalface.
It is just that Dyke's commission, if it is to have any credibility, has to be comprised of people at the coalface of youth football.
Izindaba reports [10] from experts at the coalface on just how, where and for whom it makes the most sense, and most critically, which high-risk groups might be most adherent.
Workers at the coalface of commerce, will in some way or other have to tighten belts still further, with fewer services being provided.
Performed on a stark grey and black set which is used as a modest family home, social club and even a pit coalface, the play provides a perfect picture of tough but honest toil and family relationships from the time when coal was king to its sudden controversial demise.
Taking Finch's career to the coalface of danger is a strategic masterstroke, opening a wealth of potential cases for the enigmatic characters Moffat has built over the last three books in the series.
Mobile App styling and simple operation means that you are never far away from what is going on at the coalface.
But now that regal offspring appear to be mostly heterosexual, there's not much of a market in this added-value service, so we workers at the publicity coalface thrum on with the life ordinary, waiting for the occasional ray of sunshine to break through.
There will never be a better opportunity for firms, working at the coalface, to have their views fed into the decision making process so they actually influence policy that will evolve over the next decade.
Paul Ragan has succeeded at the coalface of business and understands how the real world works and how money is made and jobs created.
The people at the coalface in the front line who deal with customers on a daily business need to communicate upwards so that senior management can know what is going on the ground," he said.
But on the training coalface, people are walking away, effectively leaving the keys in the door in order to do something else.
This is the coalface where corporate strategy is put into practice, but like people, companies all have their own way of looking at what's best for the future and this is a key element in any investment decision--or lack of it.
Now this is not for a formal morning tea; instead, they walk around departments and visit employees at the coalface, one on one.