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Synonyms for coalescent

growing together, fusing


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Our coalescent analyses also estimated that genotypes D and L diverged [approximately equal to] 107 150 years before 2013, which suggests a relatively recent origin for these genotypes.
The new polymer AC-1 in the present study relies on a unique morphology to achieve good film formation and hardness properties at low coalescent levels.
Nuclear loci and coalescent methods support ancient hybridization as cause of mitochondrial paraphyly between Gadwall and Falcated Duck (Anas sp.
Kalama[R] K-FLEX[R] phthalate-free performance solutions -- low VOC plasticizers and coalescents.
DnaSP: DNA polymorphism analyses by the coalescent and other methods.
16) triangular, coalescent suture between mesonotum and scutellum distinct, bisegmented.
Temprite officials will be discussing the 130 series of coalescent oil separators.
Dates of HIV infection can be estimated for seroprevalent patients by coalescent analysis of serial next-generation sequencing data.
These studies prompted the diagnosis of coalescent mastoiditis with septic dural sinus thrombosis, venous hemorrhagic infarctions, brain abscesses, and subdural empyema.
To give something of the flavor, here are some of the titles in alphabetical order by author, from the top: Barth Anderson, The Patron Saint of Plagues; Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake; Stephen Baxter, Coalescent (Destiny's Children 1), Emperor (Time's Tapestry 1), Evolution, Exultant (Destiny's Children 2), The Hunters of Pangaea, Transcendent (Destiny's Children 3).
Three parameters were estimated with coalescent simulations, [tau] = 2[mu]t, [[theta].
In 15% of the animals from Rhode Island, portions of the hepatopancreatic tubules exhibited pathological necroses that were rated as focal lesions (9%) or coalescent lesions (6%), and were identified as necrotizing hepatopancreatitis.
S], D*, and F* was assessed in FSTAT by using 10,000 coalescent simulations (after Rozas et al.
The recharging stations also feature a coalescent filter with a unique method of returning oil to the recovery compressor, ensuring a longer life.