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the union of diverse things into one body or form or group

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In the theoretical part, we will study the problem of bubble coalescence in an inhomogeneous flow velocity field in the die, estimate the number density of supercritical nuclei formed in a polymer-gas solution in the limiting case of high pressure drop rate in the supersaturated solution.
Bubble coalescence dynamics is investigated in 82% glycerin solution (Table 1), whereas the density and viscosity ratio is in 1000.
Drying both creates capillary stress and also drives the particle coalescence, which increases a coating's resistance to cracking.
And then also I think we've been quite clear all along that we have been working with and encouraging the opposition's coalescence behind a shared transition framework.
8220;I am energized to be a part of a dynamic team where it will be possible to coalescence my ingenuity with London Gold and Commodities Exchange' solid groundwork to acquire further business and hand out assistance to our patrons.
But the scheme did not comply with the Welsh Government's Planning Policy Wales document, which says: "The expansion of towns and villages should avoid creating ribbon development, coalescence of settlements or a fragmented development pattern".
They measured pH, total acidity, viscosity, color, coalescence and mineral levels.
and Small Business of the Year winner Coalescence L.
In this context, this study examines Nambya vowel harmony and hiatus resolution strategies such as glide formation, vowel elision and vowel coalescence.
Tsvetnaov concluded that "Octopus is an operation that launches the fight against organized crime, corruption and coalescence of organized crime with the state apparatus.
In our study, we found that coalescence events are frequently involved in the early stage of nanocrystal growth and yet monodisperse nanocrystals are still formed," he added.
The quantitative calculation of the evolution of the PSD presupposes a good knowledge of the droplet/particle breakage and coalescence mechanisms.
Finally, treatment of the cells with PLE prevented UV-induced morphological changes in human fibroblasts, namely disorganisation of F-actin-based cytoskeletal structures, coalescence of the tubulin cytoskeleton and mislocalization of adhesion molecules such as cadherins and integrins.
This latex also has good freeze/thaw stability, chemical and corrosion resistance, early moisture resistance and low temperature coalescence.
Other topics that will be covered: sustainability as it relates to paper, sustainability as it relates to packaging, nano dispersion technology, Spatial Variations of Print Density, Stability & Coalescence of Emulsion Polymers, Green Printing from a Digital Printing Perspective and the latest information on REACH & other regulatory issues.