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joined together into a whole

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Although rare, these examples enable us to compare adjacent coalesced and uncoalesced soils to study ways for preventing coalescence; they also give us confidence that this can be achieved.
Others have coalesced around campaigns like Jubilee 2000, affiliated to the Debt Crisis Network, which sees the Millennium as an appropriate deadline for debt remission.
An extraordinary confluence of events - environmental, epidemiological and geopolitical - have coalesced to create a heightened risk of natural disaster, epidemic and terrorism in the United States.
That kind of intimacy blossomed in the three-person pieces, especially as performers coalesced into blissful circles--face to face, joining hands--amid longing or strife.
The gap, not shown in this near-infrared image, was probably cleared by a planet that coalesced within the disk, the group says.
Ritchie's pieces are positioned rhetorically as images barely coalesced from a primordial soup of intellectual reference.
McCann, of Westlake, was the fourth-string quarterback when UCLA broke training camp, but he improved dramatically in the final month as his understanding coalesced with his size and strong arm.
According to Allison Duquette, president and CEO of Spectrum K12 School Solutions, recent changes in student demographics and other trends have coalesced to put huge pressures on K-12 districts to track and provide services to a rapidly increasing number of students, both in and outside of special education programs.
The European group suggested that the planetary-mass object coalesced from the outer reaches of a gas-and-dust disk surrounding the brown dwarf.
Occupying a single large blacked-out room, Nic Hess's expansive wall painting coalesced into its own galaxy.
The geometric, mostly black-and-white images suggested nonhuman worlds of mathematical forms and industrial vistas, but the dancers never entirely succumb to their context: Patterns of Rubik's Cube-intricacy suddenly dissolved and coalesced in organic, more random units; sequences of frantic, compulsive running and patterned walking were offset by brief solos and duos.
Theorists have for decades proposed that Jupiter--as it emerged from the planet-making disk that swaddled the young sun--had its own tiny disk from which the planet's vast retinue of moons coalesced.
Couples often coalesced into groups; others exchanged partners, disappeared, and reemerged in a steady stream of exits and entrances.
All thes and more coalesced into a bright and rewarding museum experience.