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fueled by burning coal


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Our results indicate that, pound for pound, coal-burning particles contribute roughly five times as much to heart disease mortality risk as the average air pollution PM[sub.
However, the study, compiled by four economic researchers, one of them Chinese, was able to make a definitive comparison between two groups: coal-burning areas of China and non-coal-burning.
After simulating temperature changes expected over the decade based on these factors, the researchers identified the smoking gun behind steady temperatures: sulfur particles belched into the atmosphere by coal-burning power plants.
Chavez, now 43, began doing research with the group and confirmed her fears: Archaic coal-burning power plants like Fisk, owned by Midwest Generation, are believed to be responsible for causing or exacerbating asthma attacks and other respiratory problems in local residents.
The urgent theme of this year's Relay is opposition to Duke Energy's planned 800-megawatt coal-burning power plant at Cliffside in Rutherford County.
To combat pollution from coal-burning power plants, which have caused widespread allergy problems and acid rain, German engineers have designed building-integrated photovoltaics to capture solar energy and reduce coal energy use.
This first-of-its-kind solution can save the coal-burning industry hundreds of millions of dollars in failing emission control costs," said Richard A.
In the meantime, the world is poised to build about 800 new coal-burning power plants in the next several decades, millions of cars and S.
have signed a cooperative agreement to formally launch the design and construction of a 285 MW integrated gasification combined-cycle coal-burning power-generation facility in central Florida.
To continue the debate on future energy needs, it's known that a number of universities in both the UK and USA have succeeded in removing the harmful effects of coal-burning power stations.
But any "catalog" offering a shareholder muzzle, paper-cut leeches, an "attrition helper" and a coal-burning computer (for just $1,899) is good for more than just a few laughs.
We have recently purchased a wood and coal-burning stove.
One developing issue that may really be more of a regulatory pitfall than a real problem for C&D recyclers involves gypsum wallboard made from flue gas de-sulpherization (FGD), a byproduct of the emission control process on coal-burning power plants.
WASHINGTON - The owners of nearly two dozen coal-burning power plants could face lawsuits from the Environmental Protection Agency for clean air violations stemming from plant expansions or improvements, according to agency officials and documents.