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of the blackest black

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the SEALs had nightscopes, but it was coal-black for bin Laden and the other residents.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Millions of eyes followed Venus' steady June voyage across the sun's surface, the coal-black dot sailing in front of a blazing golden orb.
Roberts himself cited a version of the song entitled The Original Coal-Black Joak (c.
She was beautiful, her face softened and appealing, the coal-black eyes drowsy with pleasure.
Direct observations of such black holes are impossible because they are coal-black and do not emit light or matter.
She wished for her daughter; she thought of Tiger-Lily with her coal-black hair and dazzling azure eyes.
The midnight journey by the Gothic novel''s hero, Jonathan Harker, to the vampire count''s sinister castle, transported by a carriage drawn by steaming, coal-black horses with a mysterious driver, amid the howling of wolves, is the stuff of legend and the inspiration for hundreds of films.
His hair was long and he had a flowing coal-black beard.
The show's densest work, Michael Dean's cast-concrete "Analogue Series," 2010, echoed this evacuation: four coal-black, faceted tablets whose contours resemble the imprint of a now-absent code, a sort of sublimated language.
Wood waste, often dyed to a horrid orange or coal-black color to create the appearance of uniformity, is a product that you should carefully consider before using.
For example, we read that gunfire continues "like the beam of a lighthouse over a coal-black sea.
When the forces outside of the individual's control that are arrayed against him (the coal-black burden he must carry, the surrounding whiteness against which he must struggle, the forces of nature within and without) become too much, it's woman who rescues him--who lifts him up and who through proper feminine behavior (tender care, nursing) restores his health and manhood.
He was so close I could smell the musky odor that permeated his antlers and coal-black coat, and I started getting a little nervous when he lowered his head, and his eyes rolled back and saliva began flowing from his mouth--all signs that he was ready to do battle.