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of the blackest black

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The man was haggard, but handsome, more sunburned than the other; he had an aquiline profile and rather deep-sunken eyes, and a slight air of oddity arising from the combination of coal-black hair with a much lighter moustache.
That coal-black beard was in singular contrast to eyes were as bright as if he had a fever.
shouted Denisov evidently in a fit of rage, his coal-black eyes with their bloodshot whites glittering and rolling as he waved his sheathed saber in a small bare hand as red as his face.
That time won't come to us, just yet," said the Shaggy Man, sternly: "I'm something of a singer myself, and I don't intend to be throttled by any Lulus like your coal-black one.
Not a dozen feet away another Shetland, a coal-black one, was behaving as peculiarly as it was being treated.
I did pretty well until I put the pie in, and then an irresistible temptation came to me to imagine I was an enchanted princess shut up in a lonely tower with a handsome knight riding to my rescue on a coal-black steed.
The other, compact, broad and sturdy of limb, seemed extremely full of sound organs functioning vigorously all the time in order to keep up the brilliance of his colouring, the light curl of his coal-black hair and the lustre of his eyes, which asserted themselves roundly in an open, manly face.
She had a large, firm, masculine mouth and jaw; prominent, piercing, resolute brown eyes; and thick, coal-black hair, growing unusually low down on her forehead.
A flighty teen asks her grandmother for a loan to pay for an abortion in a coal-black comedy featuring an inspired turn from Lily Tomlin.
Its only drawback is that it may start to give a display of its magnificent hooded blue flowers, wrapped in their coal-black bracts, as the first frosts bite.
So James, Nicky, Sean and Richey, thanks for the inspiration, the emotions, the coal-black eye make-up style which I have loved (not the boas though - too itchy) and most of all, the all-out eyes-closed singing along which I do without fail any time I hear your brilliant music.
The milk-white enfant terrible has approached startled ramblers, fixing them with her coal-black eye sockets.
wet-crotched, coal-black girl, and chirp after liquor, play the
When the coal-black Russian tank appeared he had dogs all over his back and shoulders, but these hunters had played this game before.