coal tar

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a tar formed from distillation of bituminous coal

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Main consumption markets of coal tar in China are deep-processed products (including phenol, anthracene, industrial naphthalene, coal tar pitch, etc.
2 Development Environment for China Coal Tar Industry
Shale oil (SO) is produced from the organic matter contained in oil shale by pyrolysis [1], while low-temperature coal tar (LTCT) is a by-product of the low-temperature carbonization of coal.
Applied in similar way as traditional Coal Tar, this product is not only environmentally friendly, but less expensive.
The two most popular sealer types are emulsions based on either refined coal tar or asphalt ingredients.
On the other hand, a joint venture between Ho Tung and China's largest private steelmaker, Shagang Group, has been nearly completed, which is engaged in coal tar and will be operational in the fourth quarter of this year with maximum annual output of 300,000 metric tons.
Though they get stuck at coal tar soap, which is frankly indefensible.
The most common coating, a coal tar slurry, is used to seal the pavement.
A single bar of Wright's coal tar soap lasts me for ages (despite scrubbing regularly).
In the second of the two reviews of the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis, the use of coal tar preparations is considered.
Wright's Traditional Soap with Coal Tar Fragrance (125g for 89p) Cheapest of the group, this cleans hands well and gives a reasonable lather.
In 2002, she participated in a 17-day hunger strike on Parliament Hill to focus attention on the plight of residents near the contaminated coal tar ponds in Sydney, N.
Tar-urethane resin coatings, prepared by compounding coal tar as an anticorrosive, have been used mainly as heavy duty anticorrosive coatings for many years, together with tar-epoxy resin coatings.
International Paint LLC, Houston, TX, has announced a voluntary company-wide initiative to remove coal tar epoxies (CTEs) from its coatings product line due to VOC emissions and health concerns.
Coal tar, asbestos, cyanide, and arsenic are all classified as hazardous.