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a hand shovel for shoveling coal

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A small coal shovel has been left at the scene and I would ask people in the area to check if they are missing a coal shovel from their shed or garden.
Snagg was angry, picked up a small metal coal shovel and struck Mr Sharif with it, leaving him with cuts and bruises.
Unskilled Labour For 300 Days (Excluding Sunday/Holiday) For Coal Shovel And Drill Section, Jhingurda
Armed sometimes with only a coal shovel, you would clear the step and for an extra fee the front of the house too.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Denting Painting Of Elgi Van Of Coal Shovel Section
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Tools For Coal Shovel And Drill
The maintenance workers groomed the slopes with what looked like upside-down coal shovels, covering dirt and grass with a shaving of white ice that they artfully carved from the surrounding snowbanks.
It also included flat caps, Davy lamps and coal shovels, all capturing the rich heritage of the region.
The area is still called New port, and here in an old coal store, I found a mountain of coal with some old coal shovels discarded and forgotten.
We would get our coal shovels, load up in the old half-ton International truck and head to the mine.