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a hand shovel for shoveling coal

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HE IS the punster poet with an eternal twinkle behind his oval spectacles, who many times felt the strap of the Christian Brothers on the hand that could spin a cricket ball like a demon at the coal shovel, which served as the wickets, in those days when the lavatory butted into the boundary.
A toothpick, string stop and a piece of bone were found close to the top of the stairs and a blood-stained coal shovel was found in the kitchen.
Armed with a coal shovel, they broke into her ground-floor flat in Croft Street, Roath, Cardiff, between 2.
Snagg was angry, picked up a small metal coal shovel and struck Mr Sharif with it, leaving him with cuts and bruises.
Armed sometimes with only a coal shovel, you would clear the step and for an extra fee the front of the house too.
It also included flat caps, Davy lamps and coal shovels, all capturing the rich heritage of the region.
Huge coal shovels known locally as "The Gem of Egypt" and "The Silver Spade" are the biggest coal shovels in the world, and these technological mining marvels have shaped and molded the areas within these two counties.
The area is still called New port, and here in an old coal store, I found a mountain of coal with some old coal shovels discarded and forgotten.
We would get our coal shovels, load up in the old half-ton International truck and head to the mine.
Contract awarded for The need to acquire municipal brooms, garbage collectors wheeled carts, coal shovels, sweeping leaves, brooms, metal shovels, overalls, leather gloves and trash bags, cleaning in the commune los alamos.