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Perth, Australia, Sep 14, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Victoria Petroleum NL (ASX:VPE) (PINK:VPEMY) (Vicpet) has been advised by QGC - a BG Group business (QGC), the Operator for PL 171, that the Alex-5 Coal Seam Gas (CSG) exploration well has flowed gas to surface during Drill Stem Testing (DST).
Gastar Exploration Ltd (AMEX:GST) (TSX: YGA), a US-based natural gas exploration company, has announced an updates reserve estimate for the Narrabri coal seam gas project in New South Wales, Australia.
In the NSAI report, the #15 coal seam was identified as a coal seam having a permeability of 100 millidarcies .
The first project at the Reedy Creek coal seam gas processing facility is an expansion of an existing 30 MW on-site power station installed in 2013 with 10 additional high-efficiency Jenbacher J620 gas engines, doubling the size of the plant to 20 units (60 MW).
The Hoskissons Coal Seam is believed to be thick (approximately 6 meters) and widely distributed within the eastern part of PEL 433.
The Paranui #13 well is the last of the three appraisal wells which will aim to test gas and water flow rates from the Baralaba coal seams.
It would be silly and counter productive to price our clean gas out of the market by green tape, wrong priorities and absurd suggestions from the Greens' for blanket bans on the coal seam gas (CSG) industry.
WestSide Corporation Limited is an ASX-listed company (ASX code: WCL) with interests in coal seam gas (CSG) projects in Queensland and Indonesia.
11 seam to complete the geological model and to assess the potential for a two coal seam operation at Poplar Grove
Victoria state has gone further than any other in Australia to block shale and coal seam fracking, announcing a permanent ban on Tuesday due to concerns of farmers and green groups on health and water risks despite a looming natural gas supply crunch.
Paleo-environment of the Eocene coal seam in the Fushun Basin (NE China): Implications from petrography and organic geochemistry.
Firefighters said underground fires are a rare occurrence that are generally caused by either a coal seam or mix of aggregates and spoil from the coal heap.
Geologists have proved a lightning strike to a coal seam in Australia triggered a fire that is still burning 5,000 years after the incident, and in Ohio, USA, a fire in a coal seam that started in 1884 is still burning.
Additionally, in coal mining, because the surrounding rock gas of coal seam is a primary source of the coal mine gas, the coal measures' gas (not only coalbed methane) drainage helps reduce the hazard of coal mine gas and efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
His peaceful life was disturbed shortly afterwards, however, when the Queensland Gas Company (QGC) arrived and informed him that they intended to drill a well on his property into a coal seam full of gas.