coal scuttle

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container for coal


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Hammond then picked the coal scuttle and swung it hitting another man on the forehead causing a wound.
Work you can see in the Coventry exhibition includes silver chalices, candesticks, a stunning book cover (illustrated) in silvered copper alloy, enamel and gilt, an ornate coal scuttle, door knobs, lock plates and a silver tankard.
Ginny shelved her coal scuttle bonnet and old habit and adopted a modest dress and congregation pin following Vatican II.
b) mauve coal scuttle with military insignia (c) small yacht with gaily coloured spinnaker (d) massive toque (please note spelling) (e) delightful little
She leaped onto the coal scuttle and stamped her six feet on the shiny black metal.
They cowered in terror as a coal scuttle came crashing through the front door and windows were smashed.
it is not only a question the recurrent pall of lugubrious gray tonalities that mute the light of these interiors, but of the very choice of objects depicted - the cross and grimacing skulls of the memento mori still-lifes; the unexpected importance of a stove and coal scuttle as a source of domestic warmth at a time of chilling austerity; the meager presence on a kitchen table of a single fish, a reflection, as Golding tells us in his consistently revealing catalogue essay, of the food rationing introduced to Paris in May 1941.
There are indications that various things need to be done before it can open in the morning -- a broom stands against the wall at the back, a used towel lies on the dresser to the left, beyond the basin, the coal scuttle is empty.
Pat said no problem and told Dave to go into the lounge and look in the coal scuttle on the hearth of the fire because that's where Jack kept all his medals he won at Leeds, including the World Cup one
Amongst the guitars, drums, keyboards, brass and woodwind, there's the off-kilter likes of shaky egg, thunder tube, kazoo, whistles, melodeons, bouzouki and bagpipes, plus percussion of a frying pan, glockenspiel, knives and forks, clockwork toys, megaphone scratching, stomp box, coal scuttle, party blowers, broomsticks and a ratchet
A recent find was a coal scuttle, which I found in my uncle's dilapidated shed.
So a selection of vintage handbags might be displayed on a 1940s piece of furniture, jewellery on an original fireplace, scarves are draped across a coal scuttle.
They are looking for tall top hats, a brass coal scuttle - and stuffed rabbits and pheasants.
Presumably they have buried the coal scuttle 25 years later.
I didn't really do any drama at school except in my very first school when I was asked to play a coal scuttle, a non-speaking role.