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someone who works in a coal mine

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QUETTA -- Balochistan's about 60000 coal miners, having denied their due rights since long, have announced to launch a country wide drive to press for a better and well paid working status enshrined by the constitution of the country.
She said: "The staggering amount of years Mr Davies spent working as a coal miner is incredible and it is fitting we remember him today with the placing of the blue plaque on the house where he was born.
Some of the photographs show South Yorkshire coal miners, former and current, pictured at night in the landscapes of their former collieries and picket grounds, 25 years after battles were fought and lost.
Charles Dickens gave voice to the coal miner in his 1850 magazine article "A Coal Miner's Evidence.
12, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- FreedomWorks for America will join conservative activists and a group of coal miners from Western Pennsylvania to hold a press conference calling for President Obama to stop his "War on Coal.
The raw truth about these fearless workers and their sacrifices will invoke compassion and awareness of the perils of coal miners.
MAKING INFERENCES: Coal miner Alan Bates says: "I love coal mining, it's a way of life.
Black Days, Black Dust: The Memories of an African American Coal Miner by Robert Armstead, as told to S.
DEATH Wish movie star Charles Bronson, thePennsylvania coal miner who drifted into films as a villain and became a tough action star, has died.
The chapel opened in early April after Don Disney, a retired coal miner, pitched a proposal to create it to Principal Edward Clem.
The coal miner shoulders a heavy interpretive burden in British Labor history.
Here the hollows breathe, "drawing air like a chimney," inhaling and exhaling what Joe Aliff, a disabled coal miner in his 50s, calls "that damned blue haze.
No occupation has been portrayed more passionately in speeches, books, songs, and movies than that of the coal miner.
Coal India Ltd (CIL), the largest coal miner of India, has disclosed that the company now has been giving top priority on boosting its productivity as well as augmenting supply and tapping yet-to-be-developed reserves in the near term.
A MEMORIAL plaque commemorating the birthplace of the world's longest-working coal miner has been unveiled.