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the producers of coal considered collectively

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The results suggested that rural coal families may do better than others in dealing with the stress of an economic downturn in the coal industry.
Of the almost $11 billion that the coal industry has paid into the Abandoned Mine Lands fund since its inception in 1977, only $2.
By 1913 there were over 250,000 men employed in the coal industry in Wales.
lang=en) blamed Obama-era regulations for the declining coal industry  even though the decline began decades ago, Oliver noted.
coal industry is shrinking, not dying," explains Gunn.
The Global Coal Industry market is mainly segmented by Application and by Geography.
GWIR GLO GYDA In the programme - Y Gwir am y Glo gyda Hywel Williams (The Truth about Coal with Hywel Williams) the historian argues that three myths existed about the coal industry - that coal was an industry that would last forever; that miners were a community of left wing radicals and that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was avenging the election defeat of the Heath Government in 1974.
New Delhi: India took a step towards setting up a regulator for its coal industry on Wednesday, a move it hopes will improve supplies and weed out corruption in a sector that is the main source of energy for Asia's third-largest economy.
The India Focus 2013, held April 18-19 in New Delhi, is an event for you to attain deep understandings on India and other countries' clean coal initiatives, roadmap, regulatory environment, ongoing pilots of pioneer coal owners and utilities, network national and international clean coal industry executives and share insights on the future market developments.
The story of the coal industry in north Wales is one that deserves to be better told.
He said: "The success and wealth of Cardiff owes a great deal to the hard work of everyone involved in the coal industry of South Wales, particularly in the Rhondda Valleys.
Byrd spent much of his life attached in some way to the coal industry.
The real reason for the destruction of the coal industry lies within the political history of the 1970s.
The European coal industry association EURACOAL has issued its market report for 2009 indicating the extent of the downturn in the sector.
Dame David Cameron is the saviour the British coal industry.