coal gas

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gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting

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Coal gas was often used in suicides, we would find the deceased lying across two or three kitchen chairs, with their head in the oven and the tap fully open.
In a statement issued here on Saturday Managing Director of UCG, Dr Mohammad Shabir said that the Sindh government allotted Block5 of Thar Coal field to UCG to generate underground coal gas known as Syn gas to produce electricity.
The protesters claim that extraction of coal gas and shale are inevitably tied to the use of the controversial technique that involves injecting water and chemicals under high pressure into the ground to break rock and access underlying fossil fuelsto extract gas.
The engineer, in due course, reported thereon to the War Office, and, after consideration of the report, the War Office authorities were convinced of the feasibility of extracting toulol from coal gas on a large scale throughout the country, and an arrangement was come with the Birmingham Corporation Gas Department whereby the first series of toulol extraction plants was installed at the Nechells Gas Works.
Coal Gas was first produced at Redcar in 1857 to light the houses and streets of the town.
There can as well be storage for greenhouse gases in the bore holes that extract coal gas.
PRIOR to the whole of the UK be edited published at the discretion being converted to North Sea gas some 40 odd years ago, methane gas was extracted from the workings of Point of Ayr colliery, processed by a facility operated by Wales Gas at Point of Ayr, and then fed into the national gas main which was coal gas.
At the same time I had an argument with him about coal gas being heavier than air.
The Japanese companies will build the project in cooperation with the Research division of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry and the state-owned fertilizer company PT Pupuk Sriwijaya (Pusri) The project to be built toward the end of this year will produce coal gas to feed the fertilizer factory of PT Pusri in Palembang.
Also, we were promised that North Sea gas would be cheaper than coal gas.
The grown bacteria are allowed to metabolize a mixed gas, prepared by adding hydrogen to at least one of coal gas and biogas, into methane and at the same time, cobalamin contained in the fermented liquor is recovered as an extracellular product in the form of cyanocobalamin by using potassium cyanide to thereby produce vitamin B12 efficiently in a high content and high yield.
There were no trees for sale in our neighborhood--because there was no one to buy them--and so the month of December, if it smelled at all, smelled of something a shissing alley cat had tugged from an overturned garbage can in somebody's yard, and of supper heating on the stove of a flat whose steamy kitchen window was open a crack to let in air from the alleyway, and of the bursts of noxious coal gas spewed from the furnace chimneys, and of the pail of ashes dragged up from the cellar to be emptied outdoors over slippery patches of sidewalk.
The blast at the Baixing Coal Mine in north-east China's Heilongjiang province is believed to have happened when sparks ignited coal gas that had accumulated due to lack of proper ventilation.
Fuel cells make sense and are environmentally positive if fueled by solar or wind generated hydrogen, for example, but make little sense if fueled by LP, coal gas or other fossil fuel hydrocarbons.
The plant will need minor modifications, including new ducts and other equipment to divert a portion of the clean coal gas from the main power system to the fuel cell.