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a chute for coal

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Fans of the history of Middlesbrough will be especially interested in The Coal Chute, Middlesbrough Docks, a watercolour by the Staithes Group's Rowland Henry Hill (1873-1952).
Tenders are invited for Contract for the work of coal chute choke up removal in CHP 210MW, at BTPS, Deepnagar.
LINDLEY: July 23 - a cast iron coal chute was stolen.
But he returned to attack her a second time - climbing through the coal chute to get back into the house.
Tenders are invited for replacement of raw coal chute with mixing box, transition piece and hot air box including certain modifications in unit-3 & 4 mills during the annual overhaul period for the year 2015-16.
In the reconstruction of the former will be adjusted to the coal chute utility room vacuum pump for laboratory A12; All this lab will be completely reconstructed.
Mr Jarvis said: "Currently Yorkshire Water are trying to solve the problem by blocking up my coal chute which will hopefully stop the smell coming into my house.
Tenders are invited for NCTPS M II Circle ICHS Strengthening of corroded damaged portions of vertical columns above 5meter level renewal of bracing angles and channels at eastern side providing stair case and spillage coal chute at Junction Tower 1A
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Coal Chute From Feeder To Mill And Its Expansion Joint For 8.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Fine Coal Chute in Crusher C at SCH-I 1 Set.
Tenders are invited for Poking Of Coal Bunker And Coal Chutes In Boiler And Chp Areas
In the brick vaulted basement the original coal chutes can still be seen and vast voids that exist beneath the floor would have served as ventilation to the main hall.
The hoppers in the staiths were linked to coal chutes called spouts and the teemers had the task of adjusting these spouts according to the tide.
A future application is to be made to restore the historical features of the dock, such as the coal chutes, railway tunnels, the north breakwater and the lifeboat house.
Mr Suchet, vice-president of the Waterways Trust, plunged in with a last-ditch plea to British Waterways to try to save 1930s canalside coal chutes in Smethwick.