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freight car with fixed sides and no roof

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The municipal government itself embraced its industrial past in 1998 by erecting a large public monument on the walls of the town hall, celebrating the coal industry, and renaming the town's Industrial Park Drive to Miners Memorial Drive, complete with remnant coal cars representing mines No.
2012 was a good year for FreightCar despite the fact that fourth quarter results were impacted by a decrease in coal car demand and product line change-over costs at both our manufacturing plants," said Ed Whalen, President and Chief Executive Officer.
is expected to grow earnings by over 700% in 2012 as the eastern coal car replacement cycle continues.
Coal car demand remained under pressure as a result of low natural gas prices, high coal inventories and reduced industrial activity
NS will invest in the purchase of 1,300 new higher-capacity coal cars as part of a multiyear program to replace the existing coal car fleet.
The fourth quarter's positive earnings reflect improved railcar demand as the eastern coal car replacement cycle continued, but this was partially offset by lower service volumes," said Ed Whalen, President and Chief Executive Officer.
The coal was shipped by Xcoal Energy and Resources in 1,592 railroad coal cars.
The terminal would have created 100 or more good-paying jobs in an area that desperately needs them - but all that people in Oregon's population centers would see would be traffic-blocking trains of open coal cars.
The report pointed pout that there are several challenges for clean coal cars to overcome, similar to those that have been encountered by electric and hybrid cars.
FreightCar America designs and builds coal cars, bulk commodity cars, flat cars, mill gondola cars, intermodal cars, coil steel cars and motor vehicle carriers.
Only products that have proven to reduce in-transit coal dust “by at least 85% as compared to loss in transit of coal dust from coal cars where no remedial measures have been taken,” according to a BNSF statement, are approved for use in this region.
Other subjects include reducing the aerodynamic drag of empty coal cars, automatic restart for communication-based train control systems, and security of railway EOT systems.