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a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid

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Moreover, all of the nanocomposites were coagulum free, revealing that favorable dispersion of the reinforcing agents within the copolymer was obtained without agglomeration.
The investigation has shown that dipping tank coagulum types of, DTC-A and DTC B can replace raw natural rubber up to about 50 phr without significantly affecting the physical properties of the NR/DTC blended vulcanizates, whereas the deterioriation in physical properties is observed for similar blends using DTC-C at all levels.
If they occur, coagulum may be formed, resulting in a cloudy solution due to large aggregates.
The Total Tip Cooling Design is intended to consistently cool the entire tip electrode during radiofrequency energy delivery, resulting in reduced coagulum at the proximal edges of the tip.
This suggested that the picture was caused rather by hyperretraction of coagulum than by fibrinolysis.
His concise but equally profound and eloquent discussion of liturgy is grounded in his debt to Owen Barfield for whom coagulum spiritus--"a concentration or suspension of spirit" is the description of matter (132).
The technologist was surprised to note a well formed coagulum and checked the patient information form to determine:
However, these lesions are easily distinguished microscopically, as they are seen as a cavity consisting of fibrous connective tissue and fibroblasts, and containing eosinophilic coagulum.
Syneresis depends on the water holding capacity of proteins, which depends on the protein content and the type of protein,the most important structural of fermentd milk is the strength of the coagulum and its ability to binding water (Abou-El-Nour et al.
A blood coagulum may also be susceptible to wound infection [Bergenholtz and Spangberg, 2004].
This type is also produced from low quality material such as those used in the production of off crepe and latex remnant, lump or coagulum which originates from pre-coagulation, and estate latex already dry from sapping.
Key features of this high specification vat include unique construction, highly efficient and exact cutting of the coagulum and extremely accurate and reliable control of the heating profile.
Most organisms have some mechanism to form clots in the hemolymph or blood; clotting is a sequence of complex chemical and physical reactions that results in conversion of fluid (hemolymph or blood plasma) into a coagulum.
Envisaged as a separation from its divine origins (effected by the "Cagastrum"), (45) the prima materia subsequently divides into the four elements each with its cosmological equivalent: fire becomes heaven, the "cage" of the firmament; air becomes empty, invisible space; water becomes liquid providing a "cage" for nymphs and wonders of the sea; and finally earth turns into a coagulum for growth and nourishment of its inhabitants.