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a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid

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Neat latex and Na-MMT or CNC reinforced nanocomposites had average particle size around 120 nm and without coagulum, revealing that nano additives did not affect copolymer particle size.
In the control group, the defect was filled with coagulum from the animal itself whereas in the experimental group (Figure 1 - Bone cavity filled with zirconia granules).
The investigation has shown that dipping tank coagulum types of, DTC-A and DTC B can replace raw natural rubber up to about 50 phr without significantly affecting the physical properties of the NR/DTC blended vulcanizates, whereas the deterioriation in physical properties is observed for similar blends using DTC-C at all levels.
If they occur, coagulum may be formed, resulting in a cloudy solution due to large aggregates.
First, coagulant products and dye adsorb to form small new coagulum particles.
The Total Tip Cooling Design is intended to consistently cool the entire tip electrode during radiofrequency energy delivery, resulting in reduced coagulum at the proximal edges of the tip.
This suggested that the picture was caused rather by hyperretraction of coagulum than by fibrinolysis.
This is achieved through both internal cooling and external washing of the tip electrode, which is designed to reduce coagulum at the proximal edges of the tip.
12, 13 A normal coagulum may not always form, occasionally leading to localized alveolar osteitis of the extraction site.
During this process, the coagulum is gradually absorbed and replaced by immature connective tissue, the amount of inflammatory cell and blood vessels decreases and the osteoblasts become evident.
The veining which is rich in terms of NO is greasy like teflon and when preventing the enlargement of coagulum by draining plaques fluently, the unhealthy vein namely the vein poor in terms of NO, give rise to accumulation of plaques in sticky inner walls of veins (J.
Elements de fabrication de fromages frais par ultrafiltration sur membrane de coagulum de lait.
His concise but equally profound and eloquent discussion of liturgy is grounded in his debt to Owen Barfield for whom coagulum spiritus--"a concentration or suspension of spirit" is the description of matter (132).
Like the exemplary Hellige instrument, ROTEM also measures the firmness or the modulus of elasticity of the coagulum.