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Known human proteins (n = 34), such as apo-lipoproteins, complement proteins, coagulation proteins, and adhesion proteins, were identified in more than one independent sample of RA patients.
Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder caused by deficient or defective blood coagulation proteins.
Components of the inflammatory response Cells Plasma protein systems PMNs (neutrophils) Complement proteins Monocytes/macrophages Coagulation proteins Eosinophils Kinin system proteins Basophils/mast cells Platelets Table 2.
For instance, is there an underlying autoimmune disorder (that can directly affect the blood vessel), renal impairment (that may cause dysfunction of platelets), hepatic disease (that may affect the numbers of platelets, platelet function, quantity of coagulation proteins, or the quality of the skin and connective tissue), or thyroid dysfunction (that affects skin and subcutaneous tissue)?
ER: Genetically modified mice allow us a closer look at other coagulation proteins.